Undoubtedly one of the leading exponents of M-Net, Africa Magic prides itself with providing high quality TV programming with a Pan-African focus. Currently, Africa Magic is host to 8 channels each with unique and dedicated programs that aim to provide entertainment for Africans by Africans. These Idents were a part of Africa Magic's new re-brand.
The Flagship Channel ID part of Africa Magic Re-brand.
Creative Director/ Art Director: Katlego Baaitse
Jr. Creative Director/ Lead creative: Duah Francis Boafo
3d animation: Pascal Martin/ Gavin Joeffreys
2d compositing: Jess Foce
Editor: Carla Pels Bekker
Producer: Shaniel Mjekevu
Executive Producer: Delarey Hattingh
Music by Jake Odendaal
Created at Monarchy.tv for Africa Magic

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