Awarded Silver PromaxBDA Africa Entertainment Video Brand of the year 2016

AfricaNews, now available to over 7.3 million homes in Africa. Covering 33 countries on the continent in French-speaking regions and Sub-Saharan Africa. Airing partially on free-to-air. This is a fully comprehensive channel, covering news from the world and Africa, with an African perspective.
Beyond the AfricaNews’ corporate brand, Monarchy also launched the channel’s several sub-brands that
includes mobile graphics for a mobile smartphone created by AfricaNews itself. This as well as an array of original content, with individual openers created and curated to make a complex, 360° channel brand that has presence online as well as on-air.

Produced Monarchy Productions for AfricaNews/ EuroNews

Creative Director/ Design Director: KatlegoBaaitse
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AfricaNews Reel
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