Soundcity Channel Rebrand
Awarded Gold PromaxBDA Africa 2017 - Channel Brand of the year
I had the pleasure of Directing, Creative Directing as well as designing a bulk of the work on Soundcity TV and collaborating with some fantastic people, a broad project utilising various talents. Choreographers, models, designers, cinematographers, animators and a great team to help create this brand.
This is a music, lifestyle and entertainment brand that lives online, on television as well as on radio. While having a strong on Afro-pop influence, Soundcity is a fusion of international and pan-African popular culture, with  a massive following In Nigeria, and still catering to an international-worldwide audience.
Soundcity is synonymous with vivacity, a sublime combination of colourfulness, enthusiasm and gratifying programming. Soundcity has a bouquet of 24 programs networked across several TV Stations and transmits 24 hours on the DStv network, (channel 327), GOtv Network, Talk Talk UK as well as Free to air TV.
The design-style mixes textures, people, swagger & attitude, popping colours, and arresting visuals to createa brand truly powered by music.
Soundcity TV channel idents:
Soundcity Programme Title Opens
Developing the new Soundcity brand required over 50 openers and toolkits that were in the same family whilst being unique and standing apart from each other simultaneously. The result is artwork stays true to the new, bold and eye-popping aesthetic that is an explosive and exciting music, entertainment/ lifestyle brand.

Soundcity Promo Toolkit
Concept for a Soundcity responsive website
Monarchy Productions for Soundcity TV
Director/ Creative Director: Katlego Baaitse
Director of Photography: Charl Fraser
Art Director/ Stylist: Jamal Ndlexana
Hair: Saadique Ryklief
Make-up: Abe Grey
Senior Editor: Carla Bekker
Design Direction: Katlego Baaitse/ / Chris Savides/ Derrick Pitts/ Shannon Davis
Project Manager: Via Marais
Sound Mix: 344 Studio
Original Music: Blue Noise Productions
Animation & Compositing: kyle Lutchman/ Renzo Radar

Producer: Shaniel Mjekevu
Executive Producer: Delarey Hattingh

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